Gable Roof Pavilions

Gable Roof Pavilions &

Our Gable roof Pavilions are constructed using western red cedar with  tongue & groove siding on the ceiling and stained using transparent stain in your choice of colors.

Just like our Pergolas, our Pavilions are measured by it’s canopy. Typically, our structures have a 1′ overhang on all sides, making the post footprint 2′ smaller.

For example, a 12’x16′ pavilion would have a post footprint of 10’x14′.

Standard with our Gable Roof Pavilions (not available in pressure treated) are 4 – 8″x8″ posts, 4″x10″ beams & ridge, 4″x6″ rafters on approx 30″ centers, 4″x4″ supports, stain, decorative curved corner brackets, 30 year shingles and anchored to your existing concrete, flagstone or wood surface. Click on Any picture below for larger image.

In addition to our standard Gable Roof Pavilions using really heavy lumber, we are now featuring  a smaller, less expensive version by using 6X6 posts instead of the standard 8×8 posts as well as other lumber that is involved. One more way The Gazebo Factory saves you money!


For our Gable Roof Pavilions (open ends), start with a base price of $2500 and add $32 per sq. ft. to price the base structure.

Then add any additional options to the “structure” price.


  • Cement longer posts into holes – $50 per post
  • 36″ tall decorative post covers -$125 per post
  • 2″x3″ header panel – $8 per foot ($300 to $400)
  • Lattice panels – $20 per foot
  • Custom decks – $15 per sq. ft.
    for pressure treated or
    $30 per sq. ft. for Western Red Cedar

Here’s an example, using a 12′ x 16′ Gable Roof Pavilion pictured below.



Using the formula from above, start with the overall size of:

12′ x 16′ = 192 sq. ft. x $32 per sq. ft. = $6,144 + $2500 base price = $8644

Compare that to Lawn Master and others and save thousands!












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