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All our products are built “made to order” to your specific requirements & specifications.

The Gazebo Factory has been located near Dallas Texas (Farmersville) for over 25 years

We have built thousands of Gazebos & Pergolas and installed them all.

Not only here in our own North Texas, but all over Texas & across the country!

We’ve installed Gazebos & Pergolas from

Washington DC to Seattle Washington, 

Northern Minnesota to South Texas!


Our unique & efficient system lets YOU design YOUR outdoor structure
and allows us to build and install them in a customer-friendly & hassle free-way.

Our sturdy line of products are built “made to order” in our factory,

JUST FOR YOU, & customized to YOUR specifications.

Our installation crew transports and installs most structures in one or two days.


We offer free installation within 100 miles of our factory and
charge only $2.00 per mile (one way) after the first free 100 miles
up to 500 miles. Due to the range in size & complexity of our
products, please email for a quote beyond the 500-mile radius. As an
industry leader, we offer great service at an uncommon value.

We are available for home appointments in North Texas and work
with our customers out of the area through phone, email & photos.

Our system of designing, building and installing our structures
unites the efforts of companies that ship beautiful gazebo or
pergola kits and your favorite local contractor. But unlike the kit
companies, our products are not lightweight, reverse engineered to
fit into a box ‘kits’ for the homeowner and/or crew to assemble,
nor do we make trip after trip to your home making load noises and a
mess for days or weeks, like even some of the best fence & deck guys
do. It’s a quick, clean build that keeps our quality high and your
cost low.

The Gazebo Factory has the experience & repetitions it takes to
build some of the most aesthetically pleasing, well constructed
Gazebos, Pavilions, Pergolas & Cabanas found anywhere. Our goal is
to have our Outdoor Structures become part of your family for
generations to enjoy, just like they have done in our family.

The Klein Girls, then & now…


                                                  Proudly made in  Farmersville Texas, USA