Hip Roof Pavilions

Hip Roof Pavilions & Pricing

 Our hip roof Pavilions are constructed using western red cedar lumber with cedar tongue & groove siding on the ceiling and stained using transparent stain in your choice of colors. Or, prime grade pressure treated lumber with BC grade plywood on the ceiling, stained with transparent or solid color stain to match your house.

 Just like our Pergolas, our Pavilions are measured by its canopy. Typically, our structures have a 1′ overhang on all sides, making the post footprint 2′ smaller. For example, a 12’x16′ pavilion would have a post footprint of 10’x14′.

 Standard with our Hip Roof Pavilions are 4 – 6″x6″ posts, 4″x10″ beams, 2″x4″ rafters on 24″ centers, stain, decorative curved corner brackets, 30-year shingles and anchored to your concrete, flagstone or wood surface.

 Add our beautiful 2 tier roof for only $400

Upgrade post size to 8″x8″ (not available in pressure treated) – $75 per post

Cement longer posts into holes – $50 per post

Add 6″x6″ posts – $100

Add 8″x8″ posts – $175

 36″ tall decorative post covers – $75 per post

2″ x 3″ header panel – $5 per foot ($200 to $300)

36″ tall 2″x3″ railing with 2″x6″ handrail – $20 per foot

Lattice panels – $20 per foot

Comfortable 5′ contoured, high backswing – $300

Custom decks – $10 per sq. ft. for pressure treated or $15 per sq. ft. for smooth cedar


For our “Hip Roof” Pavilions (closed ends), start with a base price of $500, then add $27 per sq. ft. for Western Red Cedar or $20 per sq. ft. for pressure-treated lumber

Then add any additional options to the “structure” price.

For example, let’s use one of our most popular products, our 14’x14′ hip roof Pavilion with optional 2nd tier roof and 2″x3″ header panels, shown here in these step by step installation photos.

Using the formula above, start with the overall size of 14′ x 14′ = 196 sq. ft. x $27 per sq. ft. = $5292 + $500 base price = $5792. Then add $400 for the 2nd tier option and $220 for 2″x 3″ header panels. That totals $6412.

                                  Proudly made in  Farmersville Texas , USA