Octagon Shaped Gazebos 

Looking for a classic Gazebo? You’ve Found It here at THE GAZEBO FACTORY!!! We’ve built thousands of gazebos from small to large, plain to fancy. You pick the size, deck (if any), wall and roof design along with details & color so it is customed designed for you. There are literally thousands of combinations! Click on any of the pictures below for a larger view.


With the addition of benches, your guests can enjoy your gazebo too.

Add a wrap-around bar and stools for your weekend barbeques.


A Cupola is an attractive addition to any Gazebo.












































                                Step by step photos of an octagon gazebo construction



                                               Gazebo built for The Munsters house in Waxahachie




































                                                  Proudly made in  Farmersville Texas, USA